Focus……. Focus!

Divine_Purpose Focus is our power to propel forward. It is the one thing that will turn dreams into reality – the one tool we know will manifest my biggest desires. So why do so many other things pop up trying to lure me in another direction?

Purpose-driven people are in pursuit of one thing only – to fulfill the plan of God for their lives. Yet many opportunities present themselves and have potential to get you off track. There’s a good thing to do – then there’s the RIGHT thing to do. The reason I mention this today, is because this is right where I am. Wagering between this project to help foster youth and the ministry of healing broken-hearted people. Determining what “thus says the Lord” can sometimes be challenging.

Focus on Him, be still and wait for instructions. That’s all we can do when we hit a fork in the road. Maybe He wants me doing both…… only He knows. By shifting our focus to Him alone, we can rest assured He will show the way. Don’t move out ahead of the Leader. Be patient while we wait to hear. His plan will always prevail!

#powertoreign #focused #determined #healed #peace


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