Fragile Heart

images After having a conversation with a young woman whose husband is suffering from PTSD – we both realized that her potentially near-death experiences were all designed as preparation for the ministry. She lost every thing she had and almost lost her children in this battle, yet her strength is overwhelmingly encouraging. She is standing tall after her storm ended. She now has been sent her first survivor to walk through that valley hand-in-hand, showing her the way out.

As she shared her journey of abuse, domestic violence and stalking – I could not stop thinking about how powerful her testimony was. The thoughts of people struggling to survive in the same dangerous situations loomed in my mind. Her tender heart was being used to build a bridge for others to cross over – into a new land.

When life seems impossible – remember nothing is too hard for our God. Stay the path people, is doesn’t matter what your eyes may see – God is always building our victorious future. Be encouraged today as we pick up our cross of suffering – we follow the steps of the Lord and we win in the end.

#powertoreign #healed #setfree #purpose #victory


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