Manifestation ……!

I Am
When we have trusted God to do his perfect will in our lives – we get to wait for the full manifestation. We also have to believe that Father always knows best, and He never makes a mistake. We know that He will not always give us what we want, but will surely give us what we NEED!

The last four months of my life have been a realization of God’s manifestations of guidance, provision, correction and grace. Boy did I learn some lessons. First of all we should never jump out in front of God – it only leads to headache and self-inflicted hardships. Secondly, when we want something from God for His kingdom – don’t do it yourself – allow Him to always lead. And third, learn to WAIT. When earthly desires have a heavenly reward – they must be carefully executed by the power of the Holy Spirit. God can do what no man can!

Ultimately His glory will always shine through. Learning the watch and wait is a power move for us humans. Once God has proved us – He can release some amazing blessings that will propel us forward. Listen for His voice today!

#powertoreign #healed #purpose #blessed #amazed #gifted #usefultool


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