Got Power……?

God created power and He gives power to His children. That power is attached to purpose and has parameters that show it’s effectiveness. It is miraculous, infinite and unstoppable. Some humans may think it’s something they possess, when in reality this power is released in accordance with God’s will.

Don’t be deceived, no man can give you this power, it only comes by the hand of God. He is the One who gives authority for us to use His power. In times of trouble, it allows us to overcome. In times of distress or sadness, it shows us how to walk in peace and joy. We never need to negotiate with any thing that God has given us power over, we rule when we walk in His will.

Be careful to realize that this power is designed to help us impact and change our world. Whatever we birth in the spirit will be sustained by the Spirit. When we know and believe the TRUTH we walk in the victory! Experience the power of God – Today’s the day.

#powertoreign #setfree #purpose #victorious


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