About Karen Shelton-Jackson

This season in life has great potential for impacting our world more than we may realize. As an writer, mentor, and minister I’ve discovered that “all things work together for our good”.

After suffering from a drug addiction, I met the Lord Jesus. He set me free and turned my life into a flowing stream of inspiration and wisdom. Do I always walk in victory? No. This life is filled with peaks and valleys – and my motto is “it’s not so much WHAT we go through, it’s HOW we go through.” I encourage you to GROW through life, don’t just GO through life.

Very happy to share the lessons I’ve learned with those who want to grow. Visit this blog as often as you like. Invite your friends and family. Do what you can to make this world better because you were here. Be the best you!


2 thoughts on “About Karen Shelton-Jackson

    1. Sybil, so wise to acknowledge our need for growth. You never cease to amaze me. So very proud of your life choices and pray you will experience a life full of peace and prosperity.


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