Got Power……?

God created power and He gives power to His children. That power is attached to purpose and has parameters that show it’s effectiveness. It is miraculous, infinite and unstoppable. Some humans may think it’s something they possess, when in reality this power is released in accordance with God’s will.

Don’t be deceived, no man can give you this power, it only comes by the hand of God. He is the One who gives authority for us to use His power. In times of trouble, it allows us to overcome. In times of distress or sadness, it shows us how to walk in peace and joy. We never need to negotiate with any thing that God has given us power over, we rule when we walk in His will.

Be careful to realize that this power is designed to help us impact and change our world. Whatever we birth in the spirit will be sustained by the Spirit. When we know and believe the TRUTH we walk in the victory! Experience the power of God – Today’s the day.

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New Beginnings ……

stairway-to-heaven Once you’ve found the power of faith, you will unlock the fence of fear and unleash a force that the atmosphere cannot control. You will have discovered one of the most powerful tools available to man. Nothing can stop it.

Some of the curves in our journey can only be maneuvered through faith. So why not take that step? Believe in the impossible. Whether out of desperation or the need for change, taking that invisible step could truly alter your destiny. By doing so we cause an incredibly powerful force to begin to work on our behalf. Try it…..!

Some things in this life will only come to us by faith. Stop looking at what your eyes can see and utilize your invisible power.

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True Benefit

While an intimate relationship with Jesus is costly, and we forfeit our personal wants and desires, the gain becomes immeasurable. When we submit to His ways, we unleash a powerful force that man cannot stop. The benefits of living a life surrendered to Him far out weighs the things we have to give up.

When you live in harmony with the ways of the Lord, you get heavenly provision, protection and favor. Hey – those are things that money cannot buy.

Some of the toughest challenges in our lives have to be met by the power much higher than human ability. Cash in on some heavenly favor and watch how things work out for the best.

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The Next Level

God has BIG plans for the lives of His children. Your next level could actually be the next dimension. How do we take our limitations off what God wants to do? How can we rise to the occasion?

The walk of faith will move in God speed, not by man’s plan. When we surrender, take courage, deny self and allow the heavenly Father to led, we simultaneously unleash an unstoppable force that works in our favor. It is simple but not easy, cause we want it now!

New heights await those who release their wants and desires, to line up with the divine plan of the Almighty God. Stay obedient and win!

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Carrying Rocks

If I asked you to pick a rock and carry it around representing every person you need to forgive. How many rocks would you pick up? And to carry them around with you represents dead weight.

Forgiveness is a choice, not an emotion! Somethings are easier to forgive than others. The deeper the wound, the deeper we must go to forgive. True forgiveness will set you free. Why hold on to dead weight when the Lord Jesus wants to set you free?

On the other side of forgiveness lies rich blessings. Pick up a rock today and label it – FORGIVEN!

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Outside the Boundaries

AmazingGrace  As we allow our faith to take over our everyday journey, we unleash an unstoppable power that works on our behalf.  A Powerful grace!

Lord show me how to tap into that grace.  Show me how to use that grace to overcome my battles. Show me Your glory. Show me how to use that grace for your kingdom purposes. When we take steps of faith whether in obedience, out of desperation or because of need, we take a huge invisible step that unlocks our boundaries.

Amazing grace guides us, saves us and propels us.  And God will grant unlimited access to that same grace each and every day.  Grace brought me to it, and grace will bring me through it.  Try it today and see what happens!

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Broke Down – Then Breakthrough!

God will usually break you down, then give you a breakthrough! That’s the process I’ve learned recently. You have to go through~! Are you listening…… you usually break down before you breakthrough.

Everybody wants the breakthrough – but are you willing to pay the price of the break down? Are you really ready for what comes after the time on the floor? Does your barometer go that far? These are questions that came up before the latest breakthrough and they are real. The price has to be paid!

Let me encourage you – don’t give up, don’t give in. Keep the press button ON until you see the results of your labor and expectations. Actually – You will get more than you expected if you don’t lose heart. I’m happy and excited for you! We just never know what lies around the corner of faith – until we take that turn……!

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