Carrying Rocks

If I asked you to pick a rock and carry it around representing every person you need to forgive. How many rocks would you pick up? And to carry them around with you represents dead weight.

Forgiveness is a choice, not an emotion! Somethings are easier to forgive than others. The deeper the wound, the deeper we must go to forgive. True forgiveness will set you free. Why hold on to dead weight when the Lord Jesus wants to set you free?

On the other side of forgiveness lies rich blessings. Pick up a rock today and label it – FORGIVEN!

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The Lifter of My Head

psalm-63-4 No matter what you have had to walk out in this life – God is the lifter of our heads. No need to walk around looking down – there is nothing there for you. Walk with your head facing upward and forward. God is our Keeper and He never fails. He opens door no man can close – and closes doors no man can open.

While facing a personal hardship, I asked the Lord to enable me to walk through the process with a tenacious spirit. The rain came (tears), the bad dreams appeared (deceiver), the slander and denial appears (adversary). God never fails. So I had to deny my feelings, my insecurities and my doubt. The pressing is hard when I have no energy to move on. Lift up your chin and allow your knowledge of His loving care to keep you.

Soon after we open our hearts in honesty – his forgiveness steps in to assure us that this too shall pass. Just like after Peter had denied Jesus three times and the rooster crowed……. we all have experienced denial in some situation. And then after our personal regret – God lifts our head and keeps our soul. Nothing compares to HIM!

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Smiling in the Storm

Smile-in-stormDespite what we have faced in this life – we get the opportunity to start anew each day. There are no two days that are the same and that means every single time we wake up – we have the chance to start fresh. Let’s not carry over bad stuff from the past day – let’s strive to forgive and forget, move past our challenges and walk in freedom.

A young lady that I am mentoring has been through a terrible relationship of physical abuse and has now left that behind. In her struggle to find the new life she has had many tears, and nights of feeling worthless and displaced. Now that she has entered into her “new life” she has been faced with so many overwhelming matters that she is once again broken and wants to give up. Having the testify in court about the violence has been the last straw for her – or so she thought.

Prayer really does change things. When the day for her to testify arrived we prayed that the judge would have mercy and not make her look at those pictures of herself. She did not want to re-live that. All of a sudden the judge called her into his chambers and released her saying that he could see on her face that she didn’t want to do this and she didn’t have to. God showed her the power of His favor in her worst situation. Now she can breathe the fresh air of her new life with confidence and peace. Amazing things happen when we believe!

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Here Is The Box

love beyond reason Okay we are all probably guilty at some point for creating little boxes we want the people in our lives to fit in. We say in our minds, “here is the box” that you fit perfectly into. Then we expect them to jump in and things will all work out just fine. NOT! We have to mature to a place where we accept people for who they are and love them just as they are.

Recently I had a bad day when my son didn’t come home from school. He was MIA. It was a bit terrifying because my mind wanted to think all kinds of horrible things, but my spirit said “God is covering him.” This went on for hours – tears came, anger showed up, frustration attached to I’ve done wrong – it was not a good experience. Then suddenly he showed up like – I was just hanging out with friends. Relief rushed in, but why couldn’t you call and tell us? Okay – I get it – teenager brain.

This incident caused some strife for all involved and we said some words out of our distress that were not received well. That’s when I saw the box that I’m supposed to fit in. As well as the box I created for you to fit in. None of us fit. There are always some underlying subject matters that need to be considered as we love others. We all love from a place that is formed by our own experiences – so yours might not look like mine and vice versa. Let us resolve today – that we will work to love others right where they are and take them out of that box! #forgive

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Growing in Personal Relationships

bless them Lord We are blessed to be a blessing and our personal relationships are a good place to show what you have learned about our spiritual walk. When I woke up this morning, the first thing I heard was a soft whisper……”Matthew”. As I opened my eyes I looked at the clock and it read, “5:46”. So I got up and went straight to Matthew 5:46 and it says, “For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same?” Even sinners love those who love them.

Jesus, the Master Teacher was in the midst of the “Sermon on the Mount”, where He gave very clear instructions on how we are to live. We are clearly told to love are enemies and pray for those who persecute you. If you have recently been exposed to persecution – join the club. Jesus was spit on, taunted, beat up, given a crown of thorns and pierced in His side – to name a few. And He took all that degradation for you and me.

In our personal relationships we will at time experience disappointments, dismay and maybe even feel betrayed. We are called to stay humble, turn the other cheek, lay down my stuff and pray for that person. The bigger person is the humble one. Just like Jesus – we will win more battles on our knees than any other position. Be encouraged today – persecution means you are a part of HIS FAMILY!

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Now Breathe

All day every day we take many breaths. God breathed His forgiveness into us when He gave His son Jesus Christ to take the place of our sins. Our sins are forgiven by God daily.

Isn’t it interesting that Jesus identifies forgiveness with breathing, the one thing that we have done consistently from the time we were born. And will continue until it is our last breath. Apparently forgiveness is not something God does, it is a part of who God is. And as we learn to forgive those who have wronged us – we breathe a fresh new life into ourselves.

Forgiving someone who has done something bad to us, hurt us, turned on us and/or disappointed us – can be hard. We can start that process by accepting the forgiveness God has already given to us, then applying that principle to others around us. An interesting freedom happens when we forgive someone. An undeniable power is released to set us free. It’s a hard but extremely fruitful part of our journey. Be sure you are not holding on to old stuff – because that only hinders you.

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Power To Reign – Multiply

plant soil
From the beginning of time God has told us to “be fruitful and multiply.” Over and over again it is repeated to us, “be fruitful and multiply.” Ever wonder why God repeats things to us? Because that’s how our human minds retain something – by hearing it over and over again.

When our Father gives us a command or instruction, He expects us to do just that. Allow me to go a little bit deeper on the knowledge I’ve recently gained by studying what He meant about us being fruitful and multiplying. We are expected to multiply our love, our kindness, our gentleness – all the fruit of the spirit. Our children are the fruit of our loin – we are told to raise them up in the way they should go. Point them to the Savior of their souls and walk right in front of them.

God’s kingdom has a different multiplication principle than the one of this world. In the kingdom 2 x 2 = 77 or more. So it is in our best interest to get that principle working on our behalf. The equation is simple. Do exactly what Jesus told us to do. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind – and love your neighbor as yourself. Follow His lead and be willing to lay down whatever the Father may ask you to, and turn the other cheek.

Pray for those who despitefully use you, love your enemies – begin to esteem others higher than yourself. Find ways to multiply your righteousness and watch what happens to your life. When the multiplication of God’s grace kicks in, you won’t be able to hold all your blessings – you’ll have to share them. That’s how things work in our Father’s wealth system. Amazing and wonderful!

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