Carrying Rocks

If I asked you to pick a rock and carry it around representing every person you need to forgive. How many rocks would you pick up? And to carry them around with you represents dead weight.

Forgiveness is a choice, not an emotion! Somethings are easier to forgive than others. The deeper the wound, the deeper we must go to forgive. True forgiveness will set you free. Why hold on to dead weight when the Lord Jesus wants to set you free?

On the other side of forgiveness lies rich blessings. Pick up a rock today and label it – FORGIVEN!

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Broke Down – Then Breakthrough!

God will usually break you down, then give you a breakthrough! That’s the process I’ve learned recently. You have to go through~! Are you listening…… you usually break down before you breakthrough.

Everybody wants the breakthrough – but are you willing to pay the price of the break down? Are you really ready for what comes after the time on the floor? Does your barometer go that far? These are questions that came up before the latest breakthrough and they are real. The price has to be paid!

Let me encourage you – don’t give up, don’t give in. Keep the press button ON until you see the results of your labor and expectations. Actually – You will get more than you expected if you don’t lose heart. I’m happy and excited for you! We just never know what lies around the corner of faith – until we take that turn……!

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Victorious Living!

Some characters are born out of struggle. Long-suffering is a strength that brings God glory.

In Psalms 31:9 … David was hiding from people who wanted to kill but him, but he realized that God had always been his protector and fortress. Verse 15 says “the course of my life is in Your power”. David knew the power of God and even in life-threatening circumstances – he knew – one way or another — he would win!

Can you dance in the rain? Sure you can when you possess the joy of that the Lord gives us. Jesus had seen God the Father in all his majesty and He knew He would have to suffer in order to get back to that place where God resides.

God is faithful to those who love Him. He never turns His back on us!

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He Said ……

god_speaksGod is always speaking to us. Are we always listening? It’s interesting how spoken words are so very powerful. We some times don’t realize just how much power is attached to our words. If we did – we would probably choose them more carefully.

Recently I was admonished to activate the authority God has given us over our lives, as well as the work of the enemy. As we ponder just what things we have in life and also the things we want to appear, we should utilize our God-given authority to call things forth.

In 2 Chronicles 7:14 we hear these words, “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” God says we do three things, humble ourselves, pray and turn from our sinful ways. Then He will do three things, hear us, forgive our sins and heal our hearts. Now those are some power steps for us to take. Let’s do what He says, become what He wants us to be, then accomplish our life purpose by walking out His predestined plan. No greater power than a person fulfilling His will…………………. ~!

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Don’t Go Back

prayerPassing through time means picking up new things, and laying down the old. Each day creates a fresh new awakening for us to capture and embrace. We should never return to our old ways even when they are familiar. Pressing forward takes courage, determination and optimism. Remember only those things that are praise-worthy, noble and of good report.

The good old days really weren’t that good if you recall the wrong incidents. We have all experienced the good, the bad and the ugly. So limit your mental access to habitual activities that are tied to your past.

Once you have grown past the days we cannot change, be very careful not to visit past hurts and disappointments. Let those things reside right where they belong — in the past. Press toward the mark of the high call that is in Christ Jesus. There you will find the rewards of your future which allow the promise of a brighter day to pull you forward.

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Fragile Heart

images After having a conversation with a young woman whose husband is suffering from PTSD – we both realized that her potentially near-death experiences were all designed as preparation for the ministry. She lost every thing she had and almost lost her children in this battle, yet her strength is overwhelmingly encouraging. She is standing tall after her storm ended. She now has been sent her first survivor to walk through that valley hand-in-hand, showing her the way out.

As she shared her journey of abuse, domestic violence and stalking – I could not stop thinking about how powerful her testimony was. The thoughts of people struggling to survive in the same dangerous situations loomed in my mind. Her tender heart was being used to build a bridge for others to cross over – into a new land.

When life seems impossible – remember nothing is too hard for our God. Stay the path people, is doesn’t matter what your eyes may see – God is always building our victorious future. Be encouraged today as we pick up our cross of suffering – we follow the steps of the Lord and we win in the end.

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Chance After Chance

Be-GratefulEach morning that we rise we get another chance to start fresh, another chance to get it right, another chance to impact our world. Often times we are like that fig tree in Luke 13 where the owner came by for three years straight looking for fruit and there was none. Then He began to dig up the ground around it and fertilize it. Which gave that tree another chance to bear fruit. So it is with our lives!

Recently I had a conversation with a mother who was mad at God because her only child had died. She said why would God give me that child, then take him away from me? She was genuinely angry with God. I thought, how dare we humans be mad at the God and Creator of everything? God is Spirit and those who worship Him, must worship Him in spirit and in truth. In my opinion, we have no right being mad at God. And on the other side of this life we will see our loved ones again, if you live in right standing with God.

Everyday is another chance for us to serve God, regardless of our circumstances. Learning to please God with our lives can be challenging for us when we don’t like what happens. But living without God is much worse than anything we can experience. Learning to bear fruit should be at the fore-front of our existence. Never doubt that God has a master plan, which is being executed come rain or come shine. Be blessed today!