Victorious Living!

Some characters are born out of struggle. Long-suffering is a strength that brings God glory.

In Psalms 31:9 … David was hiding from people who wanted to kill but him, but he realized that God had always been his protector and fortress. Verse 15 says “the course of my life is in Your power”. David knew the power of God and even in life-threatening circumstances – he knew – one way or another — he would win!

Can you dance in the rain? Sure you can when you possess the joy of that the Lord gives us. Jesus had seen God the Father in all his majesty and He knew He would have to suffer in order to get back to that place where God resides.

God is faithful to those who love Him. He never turns His back on us!

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Waiting with Open Arms

Every time I get off track, I get convicted. Every time I make the wrong turn, He gently corrects my path. Every time the tough challenges appear, I can sense Him ever so close. Every time I run away…….. I can always return to my Lord and I see Him standing there with open arms, waiting to receive me.

There is not greater love than a Man who would lay down His life for His friends. Jesus said that, and then He did just that – showing us the depth of true love. He waits for us daily to come a talk with Him, listen to His instructions and gain His wisdom. There is no way you and I could carry on in this world without His protection, guidance, help and mercy.

It doesn’t matter what you may be facing today – He has all the answers. When the storm is raging – He can speak peace. When the empty space rises up – He can fill it. When that sickness looms overhead – He is Healer. Find you way back into His open arms………….!

When Change Comes

bible8 Nothing in this life stays the same. Each day we change, physically, emotionally, mentally – along with all the other moving parts of life. Therefore we must acknowledge the fact that things can get better or worst. And we do have a part in the outcome.

Over the years I have forgotten some of the tough stuff I’ve had to endure – because those are not usually things I want to revisit. However, when God has a plan to set us free, we MUST open those closets and face those skeletons. Life has taught me that there are usually no easy ways to look at sudden death, mental abuse or my own inadequacies. And I must address these issues in order to walk in freedom. I’ve learned to face them with courage, close my eyes and allow Jesus to walk me back down that dark lonely road.

The other side of my darkest hour reveals a new dawn. A place of release, awakening and wholeness. How will I ever change if I don’t face my flaws? How can I ever be a overcomer, if I don’t acknowledge my own personal challenges? How can I ever be free if I’m not willing to pay the price? It just doesn’t happen any other way. Today is a great day to admit I’m in need of a Savior…… every day, every step of the way!

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Move Mountain!

clothed by GodFaith has the ability to move any mountain in your path. Some are big and some are small. God being King has delivered me from them all. There is no way that I will go back to what I used to be – His presence has come and saved me!

Looking at life through the eyes of Jesus will surely change your perspective. My trials are intended for my triumph. My test turn into testimony. My personal lack of ability is met by His powerful hand and everything shifts. Karen is not able to overcome without the help of God. Going through a touch situation today and not being moved by what my eyes can see. My spiritual eyes are open to God moving that mountain and leveling my path.

Today is a gift from God. No matter what pops up – He already has a solution. I’ve learned that the harder the situation, the bigger the blessing. Nothing is impossible for our God. He is the true Fixer…………..! Watch out world!

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My Name is Victory

under my feetHe gave me authority to conquer my enemies, He wrote in my destiny that my name is victory! What an awesome, inspiring reminder – when we recall that our troubles don’t last always. A set-back does not equal defeat. When we walk in the divine will of God – there will be battles but in the end we walk in victory.

We must always beware that our enemy will try to use this person, or that person, this thing or that thing. Always…….. devices will show up with potential to cause us to have unhealthy reactions. Of course I’ve lived this one out in many different ways and the truth is Jesus always wins. When a person betrays me or tries to discount me – I recognize the enemy trying to drive a wedge between us and I simply stand in faith. I know who I am – God wrote it in His plan – I am a conqueror.

Use your confidence in the plan of God and overcome the traps set before you. Use your faith to keep walking and stay focused on your purpose. Use all your energy to serve God. Don’t let the enemy into your camp – use that authority Jesus gave us in Luke 10:19 (NKJV) “Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” Amen – it is done!

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Written on Your Face

121 Why is the real way I feel about something written all over my face? Why should I try to hide how I really feel? Ever wonder why people who stab you in the back can’t look you in the face when you walk by? Keep it real people and you won’t have to try to fix your face when life happens.

We all have our days and not one of us is perfect. Therefore we should do as the bible says and “treat others the way you want to be treated”. Why is it easier for us humans to point out what’s wrong with another person, and negate what my own challenges are? It takes more energy to fake it than it does to be real with others. Personally I’m just to old to fake it – so if I can’t be real with a person – I keep moving.

Recently I’ve had a big knife lodged in my back by a student and then it got wedged even deeper by the program manager. Doesn’t change who I am or the impact I continue to have in the lives of others. I will just keep doing what the Lord has told me to do, and pray for them. We all need Jesus! Written on your face is guilt, written on mine is the peace of God. We always win when we follow the Lord.

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Starve My Fears

shaOne of my mentors defines fear as “imagined failure”, meaning we think that we are going to fail and we allow those thoughts to hold us back. As I researched the word fear I found this definition: an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Or to be afraid of (someone or something) that is likely to be dangerous, painful, or threatening. What if this is all in our imagination and not even real? How costly that could be?

One of the most beautiful young ladies I know had struggled with self-defeating thoughts for far too long – then realized it was related to fear. This lady has climbed the corporate ladder – stunned audiences with her fashion design gift – and styled celebrities. Who would have ever imagined she felt the fear? What she knows now is that champions feel the fear – and win regardless. Facing our fears can be one of the biggest power moves we make in life.

Let’s not kid ourselves – we have all felt fear from time to time. The important thing is what we do with those thoughts. Fear should teach us all lessons about what not to ponder, and how to stay in control. Don’t allow anything to hold you back. Watch the ladies of “4 Linked Hearts” who are busy empowering women with stories of victory over hindering past experiences. Busy making dreams come true. Busy changing our world. Kudos @4linkedhearts. Rise up!

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