Cost vs Benefit

While an intimate relationship with Jesus is costly, and we forfeit our personal wants and desires, the gain becomes immeasurable. When we submit to His ways, we unleash a powerful force that man cannot stop. The benefits of living a life surrendered to Him far out weighs the things we have to give up.

When you live in harmony with the ways of the Lord, you get heavenly provision, protection and favor. Hey – those are things that money cannot buy.

Some of the toughest challenges in our lives have to be met by the power much higher than human ability. Cash in on some heavenly favor and watch how things work out for the better.

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The Next Level

God has BIG plans for the lives of His children. Your next level could actually be the next dimension. How do we take our limitations off what God wants to do? How can we rise to the occasion?

The walk of faith will move in God speed, not by man’s plan. When we surrender, take courage, deny self and allow the heavenly Father to led, we simultaneously unleash an unstoppable force that works in our favor. It is simple but not easy, cause we want it now!

New heights await those who release their wants and desires, to line up with the divine plan of the Almighty God. Stay obedient and win!

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Broke Down – Then Breakthrough!

God will usually break you down, then give you a breakthrough! That’s the process I’ve learned recently. You have to go through~! Are you listening…… you usually break down before you breakthrough.

Everybody wants the breakthrough – but are you willing to pay the price of the break down? Are you really ready for what comes after the time on the floor? Does your barometer go that far? These are questions that came up before the latest breakthrough and they are real. The price has to be paid!

Let me encourage you – don’t give up, don’t give in. Keep the press button ON until you see the results of your labor and expectations. Actually – You will get more than you expected if you don’t lose heart. I’m happy and excited for you! We just never know what lies around the corner of faith – until we take that turn……!

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Manifestation ……!

I Am
When we have trusted God to do his perfect will in our lives – we get to wait for the full manifestation. We also have to believe that Father always knows best, and He never makes a mistake. We know that He will not always give us what we want, but will surely give us what we NEED!

The last four months of my life have been a realization of God’s manifestations of guidance, provision, correction and grace. Boy did I learn some lessons. First of all we should never jump out in front of God – it only leads to headache and self-inflicted hardships. Secondly, when we want something from God for His kingdom – don’t do it yourself – allow Him to always lead. And third, learn to WAIT. When earthly desires have a heavenly reward – they must be carefully executed by the power of the Holy Spirit. God can do what no man can!

Ultimately His glory will always shine through. Learning the watch and wait is a power move for us humans. Once God has proved us – He can release some amazing blessings that will propel us forward. Listen for His voice today!

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Defeating Goliath

I love the story of that small man David knocking out that great big giant. It is very inspiring and empowering to recall how the big bad guy fell at the hands of the man of God. One swing and he was down and out……!

Now interpret that into a spiritual story and here’s what happens. Considering that we wrestle not against flesh and blood and the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, we truly battle in the spirit. Here are some of the dark giants I’ve seen trying to control the people of God: depression, fear, anger, threats of physical violence, adultery, fornication just to name a few.

This morning I woke up in battle mode grabbed my rock (prayer), put it in a sling (on my knees) and began to stomp around knocking out every demonic force that came close. Sometimes you have to go into the trenches laboring for what is going on in our world. Do not be deceived ~ the enemies of our souls are real. But greater is He that is in me, than he that is in this world. I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus. The battle is not yours ~ it’s the Lord’s. The victory has already been won. Stand in the power of HIS might.

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Miracles Happen Everyday

miracles-300x236 Some of us may have forgotten that miracles still do happen. When Jesus walked the earth, performing miracles was part of His purpose. And He continues to do miraculous things all around us daily. I believe in miracles – do you?

Recently we began a ministry at the Rescue Mission where they provide emergency housing for women and children. Those women would agree that miracles still happen because some told me that when God reached in and saved them – it was a miracle! We should never get caught up in the ability of humans, but always remember that our God is truly the miracle-worker!

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Grateful Friday

happy flower
We have so much to be thankful for, we should never complain. Each of us are blessed. Whether we are facing hardship or celebration; tough times or gladness; God keeps blessing us.

Here are some things our Lord has given us that life cannot take away: daily tender mercies, strength for the journey, ever-present help, a River of streams that make us glad, light to cover the darkness, everlasting kindness. Aren’t you glad that He covers us each and every day? Thank you Lord for being there for me! I gotta say, Thank You Lord from a grateful heart!

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