Defeating Goliath

I love the story of that small man David knocking out that great big giant. It is very inspiring and empowering to recall how the big bad guy fell at the hands of the man of God. One swing and he was down and out……!

Now interpret that into a spiritual story and here’s what happens. Considering that we wrestle not against flesh and blood and the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, we truly battle in the spirit. Here are some of the dark giants I’ve seen trying to control the people of God: depression, fear, anger, threats of physical violence, adultery, fornication just to name a few.

This morning I woke up in battle mode grabbed my rock (prayer), put it in a sling (on my knees) and began to stomp around knocking out every demonic force that came close. Sometimes you have to go into the trenches laboring for what is going on in our world. Do not be deceived ~ the enemies of our souls are real. But greater is He that is in me, than he that is in this world. I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus. The battle is not yours ~ it’s the Lord’s. The victory has already been won. Stand in the power of HIS might.

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Chance After Chance

Be-GratefulEach morning that we rise we get another chance to start fresh, another chance to get it right, another chance to impact our world. Often times we are like that fig tree in Luke 13 where the owner came by for three years straight looking for fruit and there was none. Then He began to dig up the ground around it and fertilize it. Which gave that tree another chance to bear fruit. So it is with our lives!

Recently I had a conversation with a mother who was mad at God because her only child had died. She said why would God give me that child, then take him away from me? She was genuinely angry with God. I thought, how dare we humans be mad at the God and Creator of everything? God is Spirit and those who worship Him, must worship Him in spirit and in truth. In my opinion, we have no right being mad at God. And on the other side of this life we will see our loved ones again, if you live in right standing with God.

Everyday is another chance for us to serve God, regardless of our circumstances. Learning to please God with our lives can be challenging for us when we don’t like what happens. But living without God is much worse than anything we can experience. Learning to bear fruit should be at the fore-front of our existence. Never doubt that God has a master plan, which is being executed come rain or come shine. Be blessed today!

Why Ask Why…….?

be stillEver wonder why life is not sometimes (usually) fair? Ever think the grass really does look greener on the side? Ever feel I should have done it the other way? Sure we all have answered those questions “yes”. Life truly has a basket full of “Why” questions, when in essence there are some “whys” that will never be answered for us. So why ask why? Some things just are!

Life has taught us many lessons, and one I take to heart is learning how to read people. Some of us are so busy taking care of us – that we really don’t spend much time concerned with the needs of others. Sure there are many people who spend their days serving, helping and caring for others. Yet in reality it appears most folks are ultimately thinking….. what’s in it for me? So sad.

True happiness will come from within. You will only find it temporarily in another person. Look within, find your peace and share THAT with the world around you. There are few things more empowering than looking in the mirror with a peaceful, accepting and content attitude. Then going out and sharing THAT inner peace with those who are blessed to encounter you. Live every day at your best!

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Rude Awakening

salvationWhether I’m up or whether I’m down truly doesn’t change the circumstances we face…… it’s our perspective that carries the most weight. After years of thinking the world revolved around me – I had a rude awakening. No, the world does not even consider me when decisions are made, shifts in the economy or any other event we see in our times. Most of my life was spent thinking people are a part of my world when in essence – we all co-exist in this place.

Being the last child of seven had created a thought pattern that did not serve me well and it took me into my forties to figure it out. Most people I was concerned about – were not spending their time thinking about me or my circumstances. Most people are thinking of themselves. After this awakening not matter how awkward it had been – it was one of the hardest yet best lessons life has taught me.

And when I think about the Lord – how He raised me, how He saved me, how He healed me, how he turned my world around and placed my feet on solid ground…….It makes me want to shout! It truly doesn’t matter what anyone does to you and or says about you, all those things are temporary. At the end of the day your loving Father is always there for you and with you. Take heed to that fact and walk your life out in peace.

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surrender-and-submit-everything If you really want God to do BIG and AMAZING things in and through your life, there is only one thing you need to do – SURRENDER. Considering all good and perfect blessing comes from Him – why would we not do that and allow His mighty works to manifest through us? When we submit and surrender everything, we tap into a power no man can give.

Recently I’ve joined a master mind group of business woman on the path of doing some pretty awesome things, some are already successful and moving to the next dimension – others are starting out. There are so many incredible ways to grow your vision, but you have to stay humbly surrender to the Giver of life.

His plans are far better than anything we could consider in our human minds. In order to do GREAT things in this world, we get to watch and wait on His direction. When He says ARISE and go forth – be ready. When He pours out a work for HIS glory – allow Him to manifest it. When He says you will do greater works, believe it and move in the power of His Spirit. Therein lies true destiny and it is all for HIS GLORY! Move out………….. faith works!

My Name is Victory

under my feetHe gave me authority to conquer my enemies, He wrote in my destiny that my name is victory! What an awesome, inspiring reminder – when we recall that our troubles don’t last always. A set-back does not equal defeat. When we walk in the divine will of God – there will be battles but in the end we walk in victory.

We must always beware that our enemy will try to use this person, or that person, this thing or that thing. Always…….. devices will show up with potential to cause us to have unhealthy reactions. Of course I’ve lived this one out in many different ways and the truth is Jesus always wins. When a person betrays me or tries to discount me – I recognize the enemy trying to drive a wedge between us and I simply stand in faith. I know who I am – God wrote it in His plan – I am a conqueror.

Use your confidence in the plan of God and overcome the traps set before you. Use your faith to keep walking and stay focused on your purpose. Use all your energy to serve God. Don’t let the enemy into your camp – use that authority Jesus gave us in Luke 10:19 (NKJV) “Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” Amen – it is done!

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I’m Rich!

Ask seek knock True wealth has nothing to do with what you have in the bank. The world says your net worth is attached to your investment portfolio, but I say non-sense. How about some of the valuables that money can’t buy? Like love, peace, joy, favor, grace, mercy and true happiness. Nothing on that list can be bought with money.

Kingdom wealth is found by the people who see things before than happen; before they become reality. Those people who walk by faith understand that true prosperity is attached to your soul, rather than Wells Fargo, or Bank of America. Gaining kingdom wealth requires that you submit to the will of God and deny yourself. Recently God opened a door for my career that no man could have seen coming. He proves Himself over and over to those of us who wait for His blessings.

Reach as high as you can, seek things that are above and not here on earth. Reach for your very own prosperity. Matthew 7:7 says, “Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you will find, Knock and the door shall be opened to you.” Spiritual financials are far more valuable than money!

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