The Next Level

God has BIG plans for the lives of His children. Your next level could actually be the next dimension. How do we take our limitations off what God wants to do? How can we rise to the occasion?

The walk of faith will move in God speed, not by man’s plan. When we surrender, take courage, deny self and allow the heavenly Father to led, we simultaneously unleash an unstoppable force that works in our favor. It is simple but not easy, cause we want it now!

New heights await those who release their wants and desires, to line up with the divine plan of the Almighty God. Stay obedient and win!

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surrender-and-submit-everything If you really want God to do BIG and AMAZING things in and through your life, there is only one thing you need to do – SURRENDER. Considering all good and perfect blessing comes from Him – why would we not do that and allow His mighty works to manifest through us? When we submit and surrender everything, we tap into a power no man can give.

Recently I’ve joined a master mind group of business woman on the path of doing some pretty awesome things, some are already successful and moving to the next dimension – others are starting out. There are so many incredible ways to grow your vision, but you have to stay humbly surrender to the Giver of life.

His plans are far better than anything we could consider in our human minds. In order to do GREAT things in this world, we get to watch and wait on His direction. When He says ARISE and go forth – be ready. When He pours out a work for HIS glory – allow Him to manifest it. When He says you will do greater works, believe it and move in the power of His Spirit. Therein lies true destiny and it is all for HIS GLORY! Move out………….. faith works!

Move Mountain!

clothed by GodFaith has the ability to move any mountain in your path. Some are big and some are small. God being King has delivered me from them all. There is no way that I will go back to what I used to be – His presence has come and saved me!

Looking at life through the eyes of Jesus will surely change your perspective. My trials are intended for my triumph. My test turn into testimony. My personal lack of ability is met by His powerful hand and everything shifts. Karen is not able to overcome without the help of God. Going through a touch situation today and not being moved by what my eyes can see. My spiritual eyes are open to God moving that mountain and leveling my path.

Today is a gift from God. No matter what pops up – He already has a solution. I’ve learned that the harder the situation, the bigger the blessing. Nothing is impossible for our God. He is the true Fixer…………..! Watch out world!

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Dreams DO Come True!

4 linked hearts Visions, dreams, desires, goals, persistence, patience, believing, demanding. All these characters are required to turn your dreams into your reality. God-given dreams are meant to become real for us – have you tried it?

Today is an awesome and amazing day in the lives of four (4) beautiful ladies that I have the honor of calling daughters and nieces. Jazmin, Ranada, Javon & Rashala will launch their business of empowering others. They are sharing their heart with THE WORLD and TODAY — Their dreams are realized!

Here is their mission statement: “Our mission is to encourage positive relationships between women. We hope to link women together through their personal stories and spark a unity movement across the nation. 4linkedhearts provides our customers with a fashionable way to express themselves. We will use our stories and experience in successful long-term female relationships to lead the company’s mission. Inspiring one woman at a time, one t-shirt at a time.” SUPER PROUD OF YOU LADIES – GOD IS WELL PLEASED! Check them out at

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I’m Done

freedom When we reach the place where we surrender our challenges and say “I’m done”, we release our inabilities an activate God’s best over that situation. I’m done worrying, done stumbling, done thinking about it, and certainly done crying. I’m over it – I’ve tried everything I could think of – and I’m just flat out of energy for this thing.

Well guess what? You have just entered into a new freedom. When we reach the point of no return and truly let our stuff go – Handing it over to God, we win. We can experience a fresh place – take a deep breath and know God is going to work it out. Somethings are just not up to us and we have to say to ourselves……… “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

The Lord Jesus was our perfect example of humble submission. Even when it hurts – we have to let it go. By doing so we unleash the power of God over our situations. Whether it’s a pain in my back – or a pain in my heart – same solution. Be done with it and let God handle it! After all — He really does have the final say.

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Are You Hungry…..?

bread of life Food is my friend. Few things in life comfort us like sharing a delicious meal with a special loved-one. A warm bowl of soup on a rainy day, pizza and popcorn while watching a good movie – a romantic candlelit dinner always tops off a good day. Funny how food can have a great effect on us. People often use food to revive their woes; stress, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, frustration……. Not too much of the wrong things though – or you’ll pay for it in weight gain.

The day I discovered my God-given purpose – He spoke two words to me “FEED HIM”. And I immediately began to look for a hungry young boy. Thinking I was to provide something for him to eat. As days went by I realized that the “him” God was speaking was actually a “her” as well. They came in various ages ranges and the “food” was the “word” of God. Jesus clearly said that man/woman shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. We all hunger and thirst for some thing. The question is what will you be fed?

Over the years I have found that feeding people the words that God has spoken will bring life, fulfillment, peace, joy, freedom, prosperity and so much more. Learning to take in God’s word as nourishment is imperative. Nothing can wipe away our tears and fears like spending time listening to Him. Taking time to feed our soul should be part of our daily routine. What did you eat today?

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Come Closer

draw me near Often we can sense our Lord calling us closer. Some times we answer this drawing and some times we ignore. Regardless – He is always wanting us to come closer. It is in our best interest that we respond in obedience when we feel His gentle tug.

There are several women in my inner circle that say they want a more intimate relationship with the Lord and I always encourage them to take time out to get closer to Him. This can be challenging in our busy, hectic world. Husband, children, work, laundry, shopping……………. our daily tasks can always slow us down, or we choose to be busy doing other stuff. But I offer this statement – it is time to prioritize your world around Him. Putting Him first in all you do.

We would not like it if God set us down by illness or accident which forced us into a place where we had the time and cried out because of that situation. It is better for us to slow our selves down – admit we need Him more – then reach up for His love. No man/woman can full your cup like the Lord. No man/woman can cause your heart to smile like He can. No man/woman will see you through eternity like He will. Get closer today and find the peace, joy, and love that is greater than all things!

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