Outside the Boundaries

AmazingGrace  As we allow our faith to take over our everyday journey, we unleash an unstoppable power that works on our behalf.  A Powerful grace!

Lord show me how to tap into that grace.  Show me how to use that grace to overcome my battles. Show me Your glory. Show me how to use that grace for your kingdom purposes. When we take steps of faith whether in obedience, out of desperation or because of need, we take a huge invisible step that unlocks our boundaries.

Amazing grace guides us, saves us and propels us.  And God will grant unlimited access to that same grace each and every day.  Grace brought me to it, and grace will bring me through it.  Try it today and see what happens!

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Where Have You Been……?

Victory-In-Christ Some of my faithful followers must be wondering “where have I been?”. Well as we all know life changes. Things change for the good or sometimes not. Regardless, I’ve learned to take the good with the bad. Making lemonade can be very hard and at times discouraging. This has been a season of learning, (again) how to encourage myself.

Never be ashamed of what God allows you to go through – especially when the blessings are being formulated. Here is my recent story. I have been praying for several years for God to release me from a job so I could do full-time ministry. I want HIM to be my boss. So I quit my job and took another position – a promotion of course. Well I go to the new place and it was crazy busy, took me away from my God-given purpose, consumed me and then turned out to be a HUGE mistake. Long story short – I am now jobless. It may look like I made a mistake – when in essence, I believe God allowed me to think I was making a move – then the JOB went away.

I refuse to get nervous, worried or concerned about issues of this life, i.e. bills being paid. My God is too big for that. I choose to walk this out by faith. Do I know where the $$$$$ is going to come from – NO. Am I learning to close my eyes and walk forward – YES. My life is to be lived in transparency – that way my testimony of His faithfulness is real and you can see it at work. So stay tuned to see how He works this all out for my good. Big things are headed my way, and you are going to see the manifestation of faith at work. Truly excited…….!

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Walking in the Unknown

launch Comfort zone…….. what a unrewarding place. There is no growth in our comfort zones. There is no productivity, no stretching, no rewards. Only memories and remote controls.

Whenever we think we have arrived – suddenly something happens to shift us from where we are into an unknown place. Destiny is calling me into a new place that is unsure and uncomfortable. We humans like the familiar things and get reluctant when live tells us to move into a new space. That’s where I am right now. Walking into the place of the unknown – unfamiliar. Yet I believe God has prepared me to be propelled into a higher call. I am not feeling comfortable, even with the thoughts.

However – in order for us to do the divine will of God — we must step out into the deep water. Set our sail in the direction God is moving and stay steady. There is no better time than the present – and if we know God is guiding us – how can we not follow? If I say I trust Him with my life – then go ahead – make that move – and reap the benefits of obedience. Stay tuned……..!

She Wandered Off

ShepherdIn my years of wandering in the wilderness I never realized that God’s hand was still on my life. I did whatever pleased my flesh – for that moment. Ran around being the party girl, spending too much money and time on meaningless things – and even thought I was having fun.

Then suddenly I found myself in the desert, thirsty, hungry and alone. That’s right where the Lord Jesus met me and saved me from my life of destruction. His gentle hand guided me out of that dry place into a place of peace and promise. When I thought all was lost – He sought me out and rescued me. I am forever grateful to the Lord of Host for showing me what tender mercies really looks like.

This girl is dedicated to showing others just what the love of God looks like. Right now I am busy praying for those folks around me who don’t know the Lord Jesus for themselves. What an awful place to reside – separated from the Lord. May we all find that eternal hope that resides in Christ – share it with others and BE His disciples on the earth………..!

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Move Mountain!

clothed by GodFaith has the ability to move any mountain in your path. Some are big and some are small. God being King has delivered me from them all. There is no way that I will go back to what I used to be – His presence has come and saved me!

Looking at life through the eyes of Jesus will surely change your perspective. My trials are intended for my triumph. My test turn into testimony. My personal lack of ability is met by His powerful hand and everything shifts. Karen is not able to overcome without the help of God. Going through a touch situation today and not being moved by what my eyes can see. My spiritual eyes are open to God moving that mountain and leveling my path.

Today is a gift from God. No matter what pops up – He already has a solution. I’ve learned that the harder the situation, the bigger the blessing. Nothing is impossible for our God. He is the true Fixer…………..! Watch out world!

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Starve My Fears

shaOne of my mentors defines fear as “imagined failure”, meaning we think that we are going to fail and we allow those thoughts to hold us back. As I researched the word fear I found this definition: an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Or to be afraid of (someone or something) that is likely to be dangerous, painful, or threatening. What if this is all in our imagination and not even real? How costly that could be?

One of the most beautiful young ladies I know had struggled with self-defeating thoughts for far too long – then realized it was related to fear. This lady has climbed the corporate ladder – stunned audiences with her fashion design gift – and styled celebrities. Who would have ever imagined she felt the fear? What she knows now is that champions feel the fear – and win regardless. Facing our fears can be one of the biggest power moves we make in life.

Let’s not kid ourselves – we have all felt fear from time to time. The important thing is what we do with those thoughts. Fear should teach us all lessons about what not to ponder, and how to stay in control. Don’t allow anything to hold you back. Watch the ladies of “4 Linked Hearts” who are busy empowering women with stories of victory over hindering past experiences. Busy making dreams come true. Busy changing our world. Kudos @4linkedhearts. Rise up!

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Always Growing

spiritual growth We will never arrive in the earthly body – therefore we should always strive to keep growing. Becoming better, stretching ourselves, pressing toward the mark, reaching upwards. Our days a few and time is our currency. How are you spending your God-given gifts and talents?

In a recent meeting with my mentor, he made a remark that caused me to tighten up. I was not offended, just unsettled. While those defining moments in life are uncomfortable and awkward – they are necessary. How will we ever grow if we don’t confront the hard stuff? How can I become better if I don’t face the facts of my own insufficiency? How can I expect to be effective in the ministry if criticism gets me off track? NOT!

Dedication requires perseverance, patience, tolerance, and a loving spirit. I’m glad to say this part of the journey is painfully good. We cannot grow without growing pains. We should not look to the right or the left – keep your eyes on Jesus and walk boldly.

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