Outside the Boundaries

AmazingGrace  As we allow our faith to take over our everyday journey, we unleash an unstoppable power that works on our behalf.  A Powerful grace!

Lord show me how to tap into that grace.  Show me how to use that grace to overcome my battles. Show me Your glory. Show me how to use that grace for your kingdom purposes. When we take steps of faith whether in obedience, out of desperation or because of need, we take a huge invisible step that unlocks our boundaries.

Amazing grace guides us, saves us and propels us.  And God will grant unlimited access to that same grace each and every day.  Grace brought me to it, and grace will bring me through it.  Try it today and see what happens!

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Manifestation ……!

I Am
When we have trusted God to do his perfect will in our lives – we get to wait for the full manifestation. We also have to believe that Father always knows best, and He never makes a mistake. We know that He will not always give us what we want, but will surely give us what we NEED!

The last four months of my life have been a realization of God’s manifestations of guidance, provision, correction and grace. Boy did I learn some lessons. First of all we should never jump out in front of God – it only leads to headache and self-inflicted hardships. Secondly, when we want something from God for His kingdom – don’t do it yourself – allow Him to always lead. And third, learn to WAIT. When earthly desires have a heavenly reward – they must be carefully executed by the power of the Holy Spirit. God can do what no man can!

Ultimately His glory will always shine through. Learning the watch and wait is a power move for us humans. Once God has proved us – He can release some amazing blessings that will propel us forward. Listen for His voice today!

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What I Know – That I Know!

be still
In a world full of uncertainties there a several opportunities to think we know something and be wrong. Then there are times when we really know that we know something – yet there are chances that it could change. However – there is one thing that, “I know – that I know” and that is the Word of God is for sure. It does not change.

If God said it – it will come to pass. He said that you are the head and not the tail – know that. He said that you are blessed to be a blessing – know that. If He says we are healed – know that!

Lord, we know You as our Deliverer. We know You as our Refuge. We know You as our Strength. We know You as our Provider. Lord, we know that nothing and no one can stop Your hand as it moves across the earth. Thy will be done!

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He Said ……

god_speaksGod is always speaking to us. Are we always listening? It’s interesting how spoken words are so very powerful. We some times don’t realize just how much power is attached to our words. If we did – we would probably choose them more carefully.

Recently I was admonished to activate the authority God has given us over our lives, as well as the work of the enemy. As we ponder just what things we have in life and also the things we want to appear, we should utilize our God-given authority to call things forth.

In 2 Chronicles 7:14 we hear these words, “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” God says we do three things, humble ourselves, pray and turn from our sinful ways. Then He will do three things, hear us, forgive our sins and heal our hearts. Now those are some power steps for us to take. Let’s do what He says, become what He wants us to be, then accomplish our life purpose by walking out His predestined plan. No greater power than a person fulfilling His will…………………. ~!

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True Wealth

kingdom-wealth-2-638 True & lasting wealth has nothing to do with what you have in the bank. The world would tell us that your net worth is attached to your bank account,financial portfolio and investments, but I say non-sense. How about some of the valuable things that money cannot buy? Like love, peace, joy, favor and true happiness. Nothing on that list can to bought with money.

Kingdom wealth can be found by the people who see things before than happen; before they become reality. Those people walk by faith and understand that true prosperity is attached to our soul, rather than Wells Fargo, or Bank of America.

Reach as high as you can, seek things that are above and not here on earth. Reach for your very own prosperity. Matthew 7:7 says, “Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you will find, Knock and the door shall be opened to you.” Spiritual financials are far more valuable than money!

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Don’t Go Back

prayerPassing through time means picking up new things, and laying down the old. Each day creates a fresh new awakening for us to capture and embrace. We should never return to our old ways even when they are familiar. Pressing forward takes courage, determination and optimism. Remember only those things that are praise-worthy, noble and of good report.

The good old days really weren’t that good if you recall the wrong incidents. We have all experienced the good, the bad and the ugly. So limit your mental access to habitual activities that are tied to your past.

Once you have grown past the days we cannot change, be very careful not to visit past hurts and disappointments. Let those things reside right where they belong — in the past. Press toward the mark of the high call that is in Christ Jesus. There you will find the rewards of your future which allow the promise of a brighter day to pull you forward.

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Why Ask Why…….?

be stillEver wonder why life is not sometimes (usually) fair? Ever think the grass really does look greener on the side? Ever feel I should have done it the other way? Sure we all have answered those questions “yes”. Life truly has a basket full of “Why” questions, when in essence there are some “whys” that will never be answered for us. So why ask why? Some things just are!

Life has taught us many lessons, and one I take to heart is learning how to read people. Some of us are so busy taking care of us – that we really don’t spend much time concerned with the needs of others. Sure there are many people who spend their days serving, helping and caring for others. Yet in reality it appears most folks are ultimately thinking….. what’s in it for me? So sad.

True happiness will come from within. You will only find it temporarily in another person. Look within, find your peace and share THAT with the world around you. There are few things more empowering than looking in the mirror with a peaceful, accepting and content attitude. Then going out and sharing THAT inner peace with those who are blessed to encounter you. Live every day at your best!

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