True Benefit

While an intimate relationship with Jesus is costly, and we forfeit our personal wants and desires, the gain becomes immeasurable. When we submit to His ways, we unleash a powerful force that man cannot stop. The benefits of living a life surrendered to Him far out weighs the things we have to give up.

When you live in harmony with the ways of the Lord, you get heavenly provision, protection and favor. Hey – those are things that money cannot buy.

Some of the toughest challenges in our lives have to be met by the power much higher than human ability. Cash in on some heavenly favor and watch how things work out for the best.

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Be Steadfast

Ever experience challenge after challenge? Ever have to keep pressing despite what the circumstances look like? Ever find yourself being tested in every possible way? Well rest assured that your blessing is on the way – it is actually closer than you think.

We are told to be steadfast, immovable – always abounding in the work of the Lord. For your labor is not in vain, (I Cor 15:58). Be encouraged that when you are in a midnight experience – the dawn of a new day is near. We cannot give up or give in. We must stand still, rejoice and thank God in advance.

He never leaves us. He never forsakes us. He is not a man – and He does not lie. Take heart and keep moving forward – praying every step of the way.


Mold Me

Isaiah Potter and Clay - CopyYou are the Potter – I am the clay. Once we recognize that we are “fearfully” and “wonderfully” created, we realize a new value. Precious, rare and priceless. Yes – that’s how our Creator views us. Worth more than gold, silver and jewels.

We are custom-made and hand crafted by the Master Potter. In His skilled hands we are constantly being re-created with perfection in mind. If that clay had feelings and nerves running through it, imagine how painful that “molding to perfection” would feel. Ouch – painful!

The same is true for us as we yield to the sculpting hands of our God – it hurts as He molds us. However once His work is completed in us, we look wonderful to Him. Go ahead and take your process no matter how painful it may be, walk with a faith that says “Yes”. You will find that the end results far outweighs the price we had to pay.